Friendship Challenges

Connecting the World

The Friendship Tournament will be using the season 2023 challenges “Connecting the World”

Competition categories

We invite teams to participate in RoboMission and Future Innovators categories for all age groups. We also invite teams for the special Friendship Starter Game, which is based on WeDo 2.0 or Spike Essential.

Game and rules can be downloaded here:

Game and rules for the Friendship Starter Game can be downloaded here:

Read more on the Q&A page.

Age Groups

We allow a slight change in the age groups:

Friendship Starter Game is 6 – 10
Elementary is 6 – 13
Junior is 11 – 16
Senior is 14 – 20.

This is ONLY for this Friendship Tournament and not a general change in the age group definitions.

How to qualify

We hope that around +200 teams from all over the world will participate in the event. Please invite teams from your country to join us even if you have not yet held the national qualifying tournament.

The Friendship tournament is created to give more children the opportunity to have international experience and loads of fun with robots – and we welcome all WRO enthusiasts – not only your countries top teams.

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