The registration for the WRO Friendship Invitational Tournament International must be done through the WRO Registration System by the WRO National Organizers in the countries. The qualification mode is decided by the local National Organizer.

We have asked the National Organizers to fill in a form indicating how many teams, judges and guests they think they will want to send to the tournament. This pre-registration is not binding. Based on the answers we receive we will let each county know how many teams they can send.

The binding registration will then start on April 1st and end July 15th.

Judges can be registered from March 1st.

Registration fee

For all registered persons included:

  • Food (4x lunch, 3x dinner)
  • Access to the event & goodies
  • Access to Friendship evening
  • Local public transport/bus transfers
  • Fun Activity Day (e.g. visit to LEGO House/LEGOLAND or another exciting place) including transport and entrance fee

Not included in the registration:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transport airport to/from hotel
  • Transport hotel to/from venue if hotel is not listed on our webpage

Participans, National Organizers and Guests



50 €

Food during the event

Food will be offered at the event for all registered persons.
Non-registered visitors can buy food and drinks at the venue. The following meals are provided for registered persons:

Thursday, 21.09.2023 (Event day 1): Lunch and dinner at venue
Friday, 22.09.2023 (Event day 2): Fun Activity Day with lunch – dinner at venue
Saturday, 23.09.2023 (Event day 3): Lunch and dinner at venue
Sunday, 24.09.2023 (Event day 4): Lunch at venue


Registration process and payment

It is important that National Organizers register and complete the registration as early as possible to have enough time to make all arrangements (payment, visa). This includes the current payment policy as well.

  •  Survey regarding interest in participating in the Friendship Tournament 2023 will close February 28th, 2023.
  • Based on all the answers we will let you know by the end March how many teams you can bring to the tournament. Slots not used by the registration deadline July 15th. will be offered to teams on the waiting list.
  • April 1st you can start the registration process through the WRO registration System only:
    • Register teams
    • Suggest judges for the event (from March 1st)
  • Judge applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, right from the beginning. If a judge is approved he/she will be automatically added to the delegation.
  • If all teams are registered and judges approved (or rejected), a National Organizer can complete registration.
  • The National Organizer is responsible for paying the full registration fee for the whole delegation. The registration is not accepted until the payment is made.
  • The registration and payment should be finished by July 15th.
  • After the Registration and payment has been completed there is no option to get a refund of the registration fees. This means that the National Organizer or individual travelers should make sure they have travel insurance.
  • Registration Fees can be paid via bank transfer only. The fees are paid in EUR directly to the Danish National Organizer WRO-DK.

If the payment for a delegation is not made in time by the National Organizer the full delegation of that country is not allowed to enter the venue and participate in the event (see WRO Guidelines & Policies).

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