General schedule

Wednesday, September 20th

Teams can arrive in Odense on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 21st

09:00: Venue Open
09:00-16:00: Free practice / setup time in all categories
16:00-17:00: Opening ceremony followed by dinner

Please note that on Thursday there are coach meetings to share some information and answer questions. More information will follow.

Friday, September 22nd

09.00-17.00: Fun Activity Day – including lunch
18:00: Dinner at venue

Saturday, September 23rd

08:30: Venue Open
09:00-17:00: Competition in all categories
18:00-21:00: Dinner and Friendship Party

Sunday, September 24th

08:30: Venue Open
09:00-12:00: Competition in all categories
12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.00- 14.30: Closing & Award Ceremony

Subject to changes.

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