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Travelling to Denmark Visa

Denmark is part of the European Schengen area, which means that if you are a citizen of a country with a visa requirement you must have a Schengen visa to travel to Denmark

Contact and Information

If you need a visa to Denmark, please read carefully the information below about visa procedures for WRO 2023:

The Danish foreign service is organised into hubs and spokes when it comes to handling visa applications. If you live in Vietnam, China, Palestine, South Africa or Nigeria, you can apply from your home country or city, but your application will be decided at the following locations:

Vietnam: Bangkok.

China: Guangzhou.

Palestine: Dubai.

South Africa: Dubai.

Nigeria (incl. Lagos): Abuja.

You can find the right Danish embassy to apply from at the following link: Where to apply for a visa or residence permit (

You start the visa process by creating a profile, completing a form, and paying a visa fee online at the following address: Next, applicants will need to make an appointment at a nearby Visa Application Centre (VAC) to submit documents and their passport, and in order to provide fingerprints and have a digital passport photo taken. VAC then sends applications, passport and documentation to the responsible Danish embassy/hub, which makes a decision. Applicants will be able to see on the respective VAC websites what documentation they need to bring. It is important that applicants also bring a personal invitation from WRO when submitting their application at VAC.

Many Danish embassies and consulates experience very long processing times due to a rapidly increasing number of applications around the world. You should therefore apply as early as possible, preferably 3-4 months before scheduled departure. Please note that under the Schengen acquis, you are allowed to apply up to six months before your scheduled departure.

Each visa application will be assessed individually. The Danish immigration authorities have set different requirements for documentation, etc. based, in particular, on nationality. Our embassies and consulates must also comply with these requirements when processing applications to the WRO.

See also the following useful links regarding visa processing:

General information about the visa process: How to apply for a visa (

The Danish Immigration Service’s website: New to Denmark (

Please note, that a Schengen visa is not free. It costs 80 EUR for adults and 40 EUR for children between 6-12 (January 2023). Please plan the work with visa application in time.

Limited support from WRO 

Our non-profit organization WRO-DK can only provide limited support to the WRO countries in VISA applications, as this is a higher-level matter. We cannot help obtaining the visa because the decision lies with the authorities.

What we can and will do for our countries:

If you need invitations  for your visa applications for your delegation – please fill in the form sent to all National Organizers and return to us as soon as possible.

In addition, we will inform our Danish embassies around the world, so that they know about the event when you may contact them.

COVID-19 Pandemic

At the moment (February 2023) there are no covid-19 restrictions in Denmark. The situation can change. Therefore, please inform yourself about the current covid-19 restrictions on this website: before you book / complete registration and on the days before departure as well.

Please discuss with your delegation if everyone meets potential requirements (e.g. vaccinations) and/or if you can get a special travel insurances that may help you. After finalizing registration there is no option to get a refund of the registration fees. This means that the National Organizer or individual travelers should make sure they have travel insurance.

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