Arrival options and how to get to Odense

Odense is situated in the middle of Denmark. Odense has no airport but is easily reached from either Copenhagen or Billund Airport. Hamburg Airport in Germany is also an option if you consider renting a car.

From Billund Airport: 1h 30min by bus/train. 1h 20min by car.

From Copenhagen Airport: 1h 40min by train. 1h 50min by car.

From Hamburg Airport: 4h 30min by bus/train. 3h 35min by car.

Public transportation in Denmark makes it easy for the traveller to get around. Cities and towns have an efficient public transportation system.

See “Rejseplanen” for detailed planning of travel within Denmark. Or use Google Maps.

Denmark has a very good public transportation system, which means the easiest and fastest way from the airport to the city center of Odense is by train or bus.

Copenhagen (CPH) to Odense

Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in Denmark. CPH is a main hub for Scandinavian Airlines and airlines within Star Alliance. 

Trains take you directly from the arrival terminal to Odense city center in 1 hour 30 minutes. Train runs every hour. You should make a reservation in advance if possible. Tickets can be bought online 

or you can call Customer Service

There is also a bus service from Copenhagen Airport to Odense

The bus is 2 hours and 30 minutes and cheaper than the train. Please note, that the bus stop in the outskirts of Odense and not in the city center.

Billund (BLL) to Odense

Billund Airport is the second largest airport in Denmark situated in the west of the country. The airport has several  connections to European hubs like Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich and London.

To get from Billund Airport to Odense by public transportation you will have to take a bus to Vejle and then a train to Odense. It takes around 1 hour 45 minutes.

There is also the option for a private transfer.

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