Transportation in Odense

In Odense there are various ways to get around in the city

Odense Tramway

The brand new Odense Tramway is up and running and connects the city center with the university: English – Odense Letbane. Click here to download FynBus Mobilbillet-app for iPhone or Android phones. You can pay with MobilePay or a number of debit cards.

Read more about the Tramway here: English – Odense Letbane or here Odense Light Rail | VisitOdense


Fynbus: If you are going for a ride with the bus in Odense, you are travelling with FynBus.  Click here to download FynBus Mobilbillet-app for iPhone or Android phones.


You can always call a taxa in Odense. You can call one of the following:
Mini-taxa (+45 66123712)
Dantaxi (+45 48484848)
Taxasyd (+45 66154415).

Free inner city bus

In Odense there are free inner city bus services that run at intervals of approximately ten minutes. The buses are easy to recognize – they are pink and decorated with characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

Rent a bike

You can jump on a city bike from Donkey Republic in Odense. If you want to rent a bike the easiest way is to download the App – find it in App-store.

More transport information

If you need more information regarding transportation to and in Odense please see: Transport | VisitOdense

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